An investment property is a property purchased or developed for the purpose of earning income.  It can be a smart investment if you research the pros and cons involved before making the purchase.  In addition, a rental property can build equity and generate cash flow.

If you’re thinking of investing in real estate, be sure to consider the following when shopping for your next investment property:

  • Property type: Determine the type of property you want to invest in – condo, single-family home, townhouse or duplex?  Do you plan on renting it out year-round or only during certain months of the year, as a vacation property? Or perhaps a property where you will live in, while renting out a floor or the basement to tenants?
  • Location: You might want to consider buying property in a high-demand neighborhood or a popular vacation spot.  Although such properties come with a higher price tag, you can gain a return on your investment by renting it out at a higher price.
  • Repairs and upgrades:   If the property requires costly repairs, take into account whether you’ll earn your investment back.

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